Since packaging is a vital stage of the removal process (crockery, paintings, furniture, works of art, etc.), it is tailored to the mode of transport used so that your goods can travel in complete safety.

Packaging material available

  • Standard boxes (3 sizes to choose from)
  • Boxes with hanging rails
  • Mattress boxes
  • Sellotape
  • Plastic or aluminium crates
  • Tissue paper
  • Rigid or soft bubble-wrap
  • Dufline sheets
  • Plastic covers for mattresses, armchairs and sofas
  • etc....
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Delivery of materials
Dimensions: 40x30x40cm = 0.048m3
Dimensions: 40x40x40xm = 0.064m3
Dimensions: 60x40x40cm = 0.096m3
Dimensions: 50x50x123cm = 0.308m3
Dimensions: 58x57x140cm = 0.04633 (*day of move only)
Dimensions: 70x70x50cm = 0.02453
Dimensions: 200x100x20cm + single + double covers + sofa + chair covers
Dimensions: 50x75cm/sheet
with lid
15 days including delivery and return + light box, Dimensions: 91x85x145cm or 76x75x117cm
(day of move only)
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